Over the course of my research, I have been privileged to meet people who remember Brandon as it was during the war years.  They spoke to me of their memories, some even recalled the town BEFORE the war.  Sadly, many are now no longer with us, which makes these memories even more precious.  I have edited some of the memories to offer a better continuity in the narration, however the words are their words as spoken to me at the time of our meeting.  Click on their name below to visit their page.

Memories of Brandon, Suffolk

Dawn Adam (A young girl)
Bill Bishop (Evacuee)
Les Bond (Home Guard & active service – crossing the Rhine)
Ena Espie (A young girl)
Margaret Gage (Evacuee)
Ken Harris (Evacuee)
Les Hayward (Barnardo Boy)
Jim Hook (Dunkirk, Japanese P.OW., retired to Brandon)
Jack Inns (Bombing victim)
Olive Kisiel (A young girl)
Dick Norton (Young boy)
Audrey Rees (Evacuee to Brandon)
Terry Royal (A young lad)
Harry Rumsey (Young boy)
Yvonne Rundle (Evacuee to Brandon)
Jeanette Scott (Young girl)
Charlie Wharf (Home Guard)
Peter Woods (Young boy, evacuee)