Fred Harrington

In August 1942, the Bury Free Press reported on the feat of bravery by a Brandon resident …


Mr. George Harrington, a 29-year-old tractor driver, of Lime Kiln Farm, has been awarded the British Empire Medal for gallantry displayed in extricating injured members of the crew of the ’plane which crashed and burst into flames.

At about 4pm on the afternoon of Saturday 28th February, Mr Harrington was working in a yard at the farm, when he heard a British bomber coming over very low with it’s engines racing and flying rather slowly. He watched the plane and saw one of the wings hit the ground and the bomber burst into flames. He immediately ran towards it and had nearly got to it when he saw one of the airmen stumble out. When he got to the plane he saw two other airman who had been thrown clear, but whose feet were against the blazing plane. He pulled them away from the machine and, going forward, saw another airman in the wreckage. Mr. Harrington pulled him clear and by that time an Army officer and a Private had arrived.

They found another airman amongst the tail part of the machine and the soldier then remarked that there should be six occupants. Mr. Harrington and the private went and looked into the inside of the blazing bomber and saw another airman there. Together they got inside and released the trapped airman, and with the help of the officer, carried him away from the plane. During this time the plane’s ammunition and fuels tanks exploded.

Mr Harrington has been very modest about achievement and states that the Army personnel gave him assistance.”