John ‘Jack’ Everett

Below are details of John ‘Jack’ Everett, a Welsh-born Brandonian who was awarded the George Medal for his brave actions in November 1943, taken from the Bury Free Press, April 13th, 1945.

“At a recent investiture at Buckingham Palace, Private John Everett, formerly of the R.A.S.C. and of 90, London Road, Brandon was decorated with the George Medal by the King for a gallant action off the coast of Sicily in November, 1943.

The official citation states that he was one of the personnel aboard a motor vessel which was subjected to eleven enemy air attacks in 24 hours. Fire spread rapidly, and heavy gun ammunition had started to explode when it was decided to abandon ship. Private Everett, with 14 others, climbed down ropes to their allotted raft. Suddenly a shout for help was heard and, without hesitation, Everett, fully clothed, swam away from the raft and back to his comrade. He reached him and managed to drag him 30 to 40 feet away from the burning ship before they were both picked up by a lifeboat. Private Everett showed total disregard for his personal safety. He has since had the misfortune of being knocked down by a motorcyclist and received injuries which detained him in hospital for 12 months.”