King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, along with the King’s brother, the Duke of Gloucester and the Commander-in-Chief of the Home Forces General Sir Alan Brooke visited Brandon. They arrived at Brandon railway station with their entourage and were greeted by the ‘top brass’ and local dignitaries.  On their agenda was a visit to Weeting Hall to inspect ranks of Gurkhas and Indian troops, some of these were laid out on stretchers and accompanied by their nurses. The King took time to talk to them.

The Royal entourage left the train on the Weeting platform and greeted military personnel, thus providing more evidence that this visit was not for the people of Brandon but for local military morale instead. In the foreground is the Queen (more recently to be known as the Queen mother), behind her is her husband King George VI and peering over his shoulder is Home Forces General Sir Alan Brooke. I assume that the three servicemen on the left represent locally based servicemen, two Army officials and one RAF. The gentleman in the middle of the photo looks like Arthur Greenwood, Deputy Leader of Clement Atlee’s Labour Party.