July 1914 …

Brandon’s roads are in a bit of a sorry state. The town’s council want to improve them but they don’t have the money but there are grants available from the Government to help with costs. All Brandon needs to do is provide evidence to support its case and so this month the council carried out a survey of traffic along Bury Road. In just over a week they counted 355 cyclists and more than 100 horse drawn vehicles. Of course there were more modern vehicles and these included 28 motorcycles and 24 other motorised vehicles. The survey team were meticulous, even recording 10 handcarts that were pushed past them.

Talking of traffic, there was a nasty accident on the Thetford Road and thankfully no one was seriously hurt. A pair of dray horses, attached to a brewery cart, was stood outside the Coach and Horses pub when they were startled. They bolted madly down the road and collided with a dairy cart, which did not fare too well. The cab separated from the wheels, flipped over and the whole thing was smashed up. A young lad who was sat on the dairy cart alongside his father was thrown off and ended up under the wreckage. Fortunately he was pulled free with only a few scratches. The driver of the brewer’s cart eventually re-gained control of his horses, although he came very close to running over a woman before he managed to do so.

Summer is finally here! Broomhill Fair, held on the Weeting side of the railway station, always signals the start of Brandon’s summer and we all go along and have a great time. After that we have the Sunday Schools taking turns to parade through town. It’s a shame it rained on the children from the Baptist Church this year because they didn’t get much of a day out when their evening games were cancelled.

Some of the town’s children have been very poorly due to the Diphtheria outbreak and everyone hopes they recover quickly. This did mean the schools closed a week earlier than usual for summer and so for some children they are more than happy about this!

It’s not just children who are enjoying this summer. Quite a few Brandon lads have gone away to Holkham Hall. They are among 2,000 Army Territorials of the Norfolk Regiment who are on their summer camp there. Some of them even got together with a few Thetford lads and gave an impromptu concert for the rest of the camp. They say there’s a bit more excitement at this year’s camp because of the recent events in Europe. No one knows if war will come, or if Britain will get involved, but our men tell us that if they are called upon then they are ready and more than willing to fight. They are all in high spirits and some are actually keen for a scrap!